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Saturday, November 12, 2005 


Don't even try to pretend you haven't done this.

So based on last night’s unexpected run in with my past, I’ve decided to make some Google inquiries as to what the men I’ve slept with are up to these days…

This list is in neither chronological, nor by preference by the way. Just as the names came, ahem, to me.

Okay. So, I found:

Erik "Pee-pee GG"

Jamie I was his first, ya know! There’s actually a pretty funny/kinda gross story that goes along with it, but I probably shouldn’t post it here.

Nelson I loooooooooved this guy. Another good story: we met in London, reunited in LA...swoon.

Brian (It was pre-homozination.)

Aaron (His byline. Actually, I just saw him in July or August…)

Kelly He’s on this list.

This is Part I in a series...'cause I'm not even half-way thru the list. What a slut.

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