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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

How AIM is (unforgivably) messing up my game, yo

I've been reading I Keep a Diary for a long time now. I'm not sure how I found it, and god knows Brian's updates aren't what they used to be - the content is as good as ever, but they're a year behind.

So a while ago I'm reading through some of his back entries (back entries, ha!,) where he introduced us to one of his friends. Have you ever seen someone and just been gobsmacked? Well, I don't know why, but I saw that dude and was like "Um, yes. More please." BTW, the reason I'm not posting his name or linking to to his photos? While I have no problem doing so with people I know in real life, I think it's quite another to put someone you don't know "out there."

Anyway, last night I was on Nerve Personals ('cause I need to add more names to the previous entry...) and I saw him. He was online at that very moment. I sent him a message asking "Are you ---?" He replied with "Yes, do we know each other?" I explained to him my semi-crush from I Keep a Diary. He seemed flattered. He asked me if I had AIM, ('cause Nerve's IM is a piece o' crap.) I said yup, gave him my screen name and logged on. And then it happened: I got a message from him, and when I tried to respond, AIM crashed. I updated my version. Same thing. This went on for well over 30 minutes. He gave up (who could blame him?)

I hate you AIM. Hate hate hate. With the white hot fire of a thousand suns.

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