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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Piss and Vinegar

Minus the vinegar.

Jesus. So I went to Lisa Carver’s reading/performance at Modern Times tonight - a three minute walk from my apartment. I was looking forward to the Suckdog experience. There was no actual reading from her book, but she had friends, including Dame Darcy and Jessica Delfino (who, by the way, is a deceptively sweet looking gal!) act out vignettes from the book. As it happens (surprise!), an ex-boyfriend of mine - from like, 12 years ago when I lived in LA - is one of her friends and portrayed GG Allin, clad in nothing but a jock strap, Members Only jacket and a bandana. And that ain't the half of it. Much hilarity insued and as I'm sure everyone knows by now, the finale is a be-wigged Jessica peeing on a pizza. Tonight I got to see her pee on "GG's" face too. Gee Erik, we never did that.

Of course, the best part of the night (barring the crazy, drunk old lady that kept yelling about a round house in Marin??) was how Erik totally dissed me. I went up to him and said "I thought I should say "hi" Erik." He put his arm around me briefly (eeewww, don't touch me, Pee Boy) and said "Oh hey! I'm sorry you had to see that. I'll be right back." Then he walked off and I never saw him again. That's kinda funny. Maybe he's STILL mad about that small penis comment I made at a party? Sorry dude.

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