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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

Cookies & Karaoke

One of the best holiday parties ever! Catrina and Kati had a party on Saturday afternoon. Guests showed up around 4:00 with the intention of rolling out dough and cutting out cookies to bake and decorate.

As it turns out, only the (lone) kid was interested in the rolling, cutting and baking. The adults were in the living room belting out butt rock and Michael Jackson, and decorating the cookies as they came out.

I knew I had had just a wee bit too much (heavily spiked) eggnog when I found myself writhing on the floor doing my best Tawny Kitaen while Ev sang Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again." Good times.

Big ups to Mike from Chicago's series of "angry" cookies featuring surly expressions on gingerbread men, angels, butterflies and fish.

Leah made a self-portrait cookie that was, admittedly, a fair resemblance. So funny. My "gingerbread boy from behind" - featuring visible butt crack - was also well received.

The karaoke machine doles out scores after every song. Leah scored the highest score of the night - a perfect 100% - for her rendition of Toto's "Africa."


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