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Saturday, December 24, 2005 

Fuck you, Geoffrey Giraffe

I went to Toys R Us last night to do some last minute Santa shopping. They were out of the one frigging thing I was looking for, but I found another cool gift. I take the gift and its ancillary accoutrements to the register. The joint is packed. The line about ten deep at each register.

I had recently decided to stop using my debit card so much. I sometimes forget to write down transactions in my check register and then balancing my checkbook becomes nightmarish. So, it was in this spirit that I decided to write a check. The check itself would be my receipt. I made out the check, signed it and had my ID out. When the cashier told me the total, I filled in the amount, and handed it over. She wrote my driver's license number on the back, and typed some info. into the register. She then told me that my check was no good. WHAT THE FUCK?? Now, I am not rolling in dough, but I have enough in my account to cover $150. She said "You have to call your bank." Horrified, I stepped aside so she could ring up the next customer. I called my bank, fully prepared to yell at them on the spot. The customer service guy was really nice, and said he didn't know why it wasn't approved, but that was not a bank issue,it was an issue with the company Toys R Us uses for check verification, and I should get the number from the cashier.

Pissed, I went to the customer service couneter to get the phone number. I was told that I needed the receipt from the cashier. After explaining there could be no receipt with no sale, she said she'd look for the number. She couldn't find it. As smoke began to come out of my ears, it occured to me: Should I just use the debit card? I was hesitant, because the money would be coming from the same account that had just humiliated me. I handed over the card, and the transaction went through as usual. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I wanted to round everyone up who had been behind me in line and hold up my bag and say "See? I can afford this stuff! It was a mistake." Ugh.

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