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Friday, December 02, 2005 

The gays are coming! The gays are coming!

My bestest bestest friend from college is coming to visit tomorrow from Portland, OR, and he's bringing his partner of 13(!?) years, whom I've never met. Actually, he's not coming to visit me, but more specifically, to do Christmas shopping in San Francisco...they are gay after all.

Coincidentally, another friend of ours from school is coming to town from Atlanta. He (of course) is coming to attend flight attendant training.

I've always had issues with men. Is this because my parents divorced when I was two or three and my dad moved away? Who knows? I do know that I went from being kinda slutty in high school, to celibate in college - at least until Senior year, to being serially monogomous (usually with co-workers...hi Erik & Aaron) and having lots of sex.

All of my friends in high school were guys. I had one female friend who TOTALLY fucked me over (turns out she was jealous because I was spending too much time with a boyfriend.) This trend continued throughout college, only, somehow, the boys all turned out to be gay. And I had no idea. I should say, I had led a pretty sheltered life to that point and was very naive.

Anyway, when all was said and done, I had three guys come out to me in college. Post college there were three more. The gays love me.

Ironically, most of my friends now are lesbians. This happens when you work in nonprofit women's health in San Francisco, I suppose.

What I really need are some straight girlfriends. And a guy. Not necessarily in that order.

I totally love your style. Keep up the good work.

I'm actually a professional writer, with a specialization in humor. I think your stuff is cool.

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