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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Who knew?

I've fretted for a long time about what I could possibly do for a living if I moved to France. I could never be an au pair - frankly my own kid often gets on my nerves, but someone else's? Fuggeddaboutit.

Mostly my hesitancy has stemmed from the fact that I have no skills. I was an acting major in school, I can't teach, translate or interpret English to any degree. I've never even worked retail or waited tables. My profession? I raise money for nonprofit organizations. I'm pretty good at it, but my thought has always been that in order to have a "decent" - and my definition is pretty lax - job, I'd need to work in some corporate environment...and corporations don't need fundraisers. Well, tooling around on the interweb, I found this site (with the improbably obvious URL of fundraisers.fr.) Not only do they post job openings there, it led me to a consultant who specializes in placing "Advancement" or "Development" professionals in Europe. Holy crap! I sent my resume, ahem, my CV on Friday. Exciting stuff.

I know the CL ad was wacky, but, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm not actually desparate yet. My daughter is up for the move, but wants to finish her current school year. Of course! This is the year she and her class have their exchange trip to Normandy.

Is it a bad sign that less than one month into a new job I'm sending my resume out again? Hmm...

I think that is amazing! You are right though, unless you are in a company that sends you overseas you are in a hole with looking for work overseas.
The only way that I have been able to do it is through the International Schools.
Let me know if you need any help this end:)

hello buzzgirl,
from what i have read i think it is better for me to switch in French.
Alors merci de la visite sur 09h09.
Ca n'est pas si souvent qu'un américain rêve de la France... ou alors tous les américains rêvent de la France mais aucun ne l'écrit sur son blog.
C'est dommage que tu ne puisses pas travailler en France. Comme ca je n'ai pas d'idée mais je vais garder ca en tête.
A plus

"qu'une américaine" excuse-moi!
c'est sympa non de remplir tes commentaires de français que les english ne comprennent pas: ca rend ton blog VRAIMENT francophile. Je crois que je vais en mettre un autre pour ajouter au mystère. On va se dire mais qu'est qu'il peut bien lui raconter ce JM à buzzgirl!

J'ai été à Rennes hier. Tu as parler du Sud mais je ne sais pas si tu connais la Bretagne aussi: c'est très joli la Bretagne même si je n'ai été à Rennes que pour le travail. Mais bon depuis Paris c'est seulement 2 heures de train.
En plus je pars en vacances à la fin de la semaine: une semaine entière de repos (on a quand même presque 7 semaines de congès par en an en France!) en Normandie près de Pont Audemer où j'ai une maison. Je vais pouvoir recharger les batteries.
A plus

How sweet of JM to tell us of his vacation plans...

Is he flirting? :-o

Don't get yourself down, buzzbaby. You'll find a way. Never forget that the fact that you speak ENGLISH is your prime advantage. Lot's of (corporate) jobs here require English.

Unesco is in Paris.
The OECD is in Paris.

Lot's of companies in Paris don't actually require you to speak French 100%.

Did I tell you about the Fusac?

www.fusac.fr (it has all sorts of info for expats (or wannabes))

As I see it, your "drawback" is your nationality. The loophole must exist. Find it.

Because I'm looking forward to meeting you in person. But you have to get here first.

Cheers (A+)

you missing the freedom fries.....?

Ouais, viens nous rejoindre dans la belle Bretagne! C'est juste une idée, mais si t'as moins de 30 ans, tu peux venir pendant un an comme assistante de langue, même avec ta fille (je connais quelques femmes qui sont venues avec leur enfant).

How about posting your CV (without any personal details or current employer) as a link? It might help get you some contacts. I've seen lots of students doing this recently.

There's also the American Business School of Paris, but not sure if that's what you're looking for.

You could become an artist or journalist here in Paris. I'm both. Seems to work. Seattle is interesting. Curious you've attracted so many français to your blogue.


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