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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Aww, yeah

It's official. Tickets purchased. On the 6th of April it will be "Bonjour, Paris!"

I guess I should start looking for that new job!

how cool! I would love to go to paris or france again, soon though! any luck on how you will move there?

Fantastic! So, I'm sure if I read further I'll know more, but for how long?

oooh maybe you should meet up with michael, he's kinda cute:) kidding:)
ps. tell me about your plans!! i'll live vicariously!

kim/thomas...kidding that "he's kind of cute" or that "maybe you should meet up"? Careful with the answer ;-)

P.S. photos are always better than the real thing..well sometimes at least

kidding that she should meet up with you! although you are kinda cute, you could pack her in your freezer, haha kdding again:o)

buzzgirl - I'll have to read more, just too exciting...

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