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Friday, March 24, 2006 

For those of you who are expats in Paris...

If there is anything you are dying to have from the U S of A (or Canada, if I can get it here), but can't find in France, let me know, and I'll bring it for you. Consider it my good deed.

T minus 13 days until departure!

If you want to make lots of new French friends....bring girlscout cookies!

I wish I lived in Paris. I'd meet up with you with or without the cookies.

if you make it out east (champagne), i'd be more than happy to help your daughter reach her cookie goal

I know you are just beside yourself waiting to get on that plane. How much fun is that...flying to Paris with your daughter and getting to meet some friends.
If I was in Paris I'd meet you too...with or without the cookies.
I hope you have the best time.

I was in Paris two weeks ago. Was arrested, released and told not to come back. I'll go back though, a spy's work is never finished.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. And see your pics! :)

Hope you enjoy your trip to Paris. I lived in Paris for 10 years - loved the city of course, but yearned for some countryside. We now live in the quiet tranquillity of rural southern France.

I enjoy Eric's blog, but it is nice to wake up in the morning with just the noise of the countryside.

There are some pics of Paris and France on my daily blog. Have a look and plan for the next time some trips to other parts of this beautiful country.

Have fun and I will look forwards to seeing your photo results when you get back from your trip.

Hi Buzzgirl,

Yes I could use a bottle of Gavascon. 100 tablets. Any flavor. Cost you about $7 - $8 ... I'll pay you back in euros or dollars or vino.



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