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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Le coup est fait

I quit my job today. Yes, the one I just started on January 3rd. It was so not working for me. After March 31, I'm outtie. Too bad, but there's something better out there for me, I'm sure. I already have an interview set up for Wednesday, and just applied for a position at the University of San Francisco. It is amazingly so much easier to look for a new job when you already have one, for some reason.

Hopefully, something good will come through. Something that doesn't involve my boss telling me what to wear (I have to wear a suit everyday? It's an art school!) Or her telling me not to eat lunch with my assistant because it reflects badly on her for me to be seen socializing with subordinates (seriously.) Or having her tell me that it is a waste of my time and the school's resouces to run reports myself when my assistant could be doing them, but asking me to spend all day yesterday stuffing envelopes for an event mailing because the Events Director chose to take this week off! Okay, the rant is officially over.

This is the worst cookie selling weather we've had. It's rained so much. My Scout has sold over 600 boxes, but I really think she could have made her goal of 1,000 by now had the weather been better. Fingers are crossed for a clearer weekend.

Okay, my lunch time is almost over, and I've yet to do mes devoirs for my class tomorrow.

Could I just say that this is one of the reasons that I hate being an Assistant. I mean, we aren't considered human beings, but lesser organisms. That really makes me angry.

I wish I could figure out how to get myself out of the Assistant rut. It sucks. I have a hard time understanding why we have the same level of education, I'm still a menial for eejits... Oh wait. I remember. My education isn't recognized in the country I live in :(

Anyway... Enough of my icky ranting.

Congrats on quitting your job. Best of luck in the hunting. Are the interviews you have lined up still in the same branch?

You did the right thing. I couldn't work for someone I didn't respect. Blech.

On one point I envy you and the other you did the right thing! I did that in 2001 - I hated being the way I was treated so I upped and moved to Switz. The best choice of my life!

I do hope your search goes well. And yeah they said there was snow around your area? It snowed here too which is very odd esp this time of year.

p.s. you are right for treating people well. My mom always told me she hated that and tried to help out as she could too. It's so belittling for the wrong reasons.

hi buzzgirl,

thanks for the comment. do you knit? are you on your way to paris? what arrondissment are you staying in? not sure how well you know the city, but if you need any recommendations or tips, drop me a line!

I have had this sort of boss once in my life.

A total zero so he replaced ability to do things by an obsolete behavior code. He thought that by acting being superior he would become superior.

He was just a pathetic and ridiculous snob !

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