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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Um, thanks

For all the kind words *she said, a bit embarrassed*. I seriously considered deleting the previous post, but then, as I was reminded by theExpat Traveler, the good thing about blogs is the more I post, the sooner it will roll off the front page.

I got a strange email today from someone I haven't seen since I was about 16 years old. I'm a bit disturbed by it, but haven't formulated in my mind yet how to process and write about it. I will say that I wrote him back and asked where he got that particular email address. It's an old Hotmail account that I rarely use anymore. He paid a service. CA-CA-CA-CREEPY.

yeah that's crappy for sure. I'm sure the service just has stupid spiders that crawl the web and pick up any and all email addresses they find and formulate info on people from that. If you don't want your email out there, just use strange icons and spaces. It works!

And yes - I'm catching up after being sick. Hey - I'm glad Eric found me from your page. He's 1 today. IT's so cool!

cacaca creeepy is right!

but then again, maybe he is just getting nostalgic!

so hard to tell!

good luck with your job hunt!


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