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Friday, April 28, 2006 

A Brief Respite

I've noticed that the comments have been eerily quiet since I started posting about Paris. Maybe because everyone is scandalized by my behavior? Or because there aren't any photos of the Eiffel Tower? At any rate, I will continue with the saga on my next post.

For now, here's a nice picture of a 2CV that I took on Ile St. Louis. Everyone loves these: Eric, Tomate Farcie, and Manuel all have them, so here's my contribution. Nice and uncontroversial!

And its bumper sticker:

Cute, no?

i've tried to comment, i think two times lately, and they never get posted? maybe somethings up with the system?

Une deux-chevaux!!! Chouette!!!

Hi Buzzgirl! I too notice that you had no comments on your Paris adventure, so let me be the first to say how impressed (and jealous) I am!

I only began reading your blog a month or so ago (discovered you through Paris Daily Photo) and have really enjoyed your stories. You remind me so much of myself (I have my own self esteem issues), so I’m glad you stumbled into a holiday romance – and in Paris no less! A holiday in a Paris with Laudree Macarons (the world’s great cookie – next trip try them at Pierre Hermé's) and two nights with a Scottish guy (I have a thing about Scotts…) sounds like a great way to start the summer. I’m stuck in New York, but I hope to follow your lead.

Regarding the lady at Black/Up – I hope you told her that Black doesn’t crack! You look fabulous.


Hey, that sticker on the 2CV is from Bretagne!

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