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Friday, April 28, 2006 


April 13, 2006

I left Scottie at 7:15, promising to call when I returned to Paris the following Monday. He earned big points for standing naked in his freezing living room to hold me and say goodbye. He asked me if I'd enjoyed my "two night stand."

I took a cab back to the hotel, grabbed my (thankfully) pre-packed bags, checked out of my room and taxied over to the Gare St. Lazare, where I got on my Normandie bound train.

My daughter's host family was kind enough to drive her to Caen and meet me at the train station, saving me a bus ride to the coast.

She looked great! She was so proud - and surprised with herself...she hadn't realized that she really could speak French!

Since they drove her to me, we actually had a few hours to kill...I thought I'd be taking the bus back and forth. Luckily, we able to take the earlier train back to Paris (we had to leave through Paris to get to Amsterdam), which left in ten minutes.

After getting back to the City, we made our way to the Gare du Nord. Instead of waiting for four hours for our original train to Amsterdam, I went to the Thalys window to find out if we could get an earlier train. We could - but we'd have to change trains in Brussels. So, we got the new tickets. We had an uneventful ride to Brussels, and when we arrived, found there was a 45 minute wait for our train to Amsterdam. We'd planned to spend time in Brussels on our way back to Paris from Amsterdam, and since we now had open tickets that could be used from Brussels to Amsterdam at any time, we decided to just stay in Brussels.

We went to the tourist info. kiosk to find a hotel. Hotel rooms in Brussels are surprisingly inexpensive. We got a four-star hotel for €75. Now, normally, I'm more of a two-star type gal, but I thought, "What the heck?" We checked into our fancy hotel, and decided to go to dinner. We chose a restaurant called Et Qui Va Promener Le Chien? The food was fantastic.

The weather was awful. So. Very. Cold. Dreary. Damp and depressing. Why did I want to come here again?

When we got back to hotel, we availed ourselves of the free internet access. After checking my mail, I made my way over to bloglines to catch up on my regular reads, and imagine my surprise when I found that I was the Paris Daily Photo! Funnily enough, at dinner the night before, when I told Scottie that Eric had taken some photos of me, he asked if he would be putting it on his site. I told him, no - the site was for pictures of Paris... Thank you, Eric. My daughter got a big kick out of it when I showed it to her.

Bonus photo! This isn't in Brussels, it's backstage at the Cheetah Girls concert (ugh!), but you've never seen my lovely, Girl Scout Cookie Hall of Fame (5 years running) champion daughter. She figures prominently in the next few entries:

Believe it or not, she is only 10 years old in this photo from December. She turned 11 at the end of January. And no - she's not wearing make up (she's not allowed,) only lip gloss.

buzzgirl, your daughter has your beautiful smile!!! She looks just like you!

Your Paris adventures have been so much fun to read. I doubt I'll come anywhere near close to the fun you had, when I'm there in 3 weeks!

hi buzzgirl! i came to check out your site after eric from pdp posted an entry on you. looks like you had quite the time in paris! (and the rest of europe as well).

btw, i love girls scout cookies. it's humiliating how many boxes i always buy from my friend's daughter. lol.

p.s. feel free to stop on by my new site as well. just got it up and running. still need to fix some kinks though!

I like your blog - you tell a good tale!

I left sooooo many comments, begging you to type and tell faster, for the love of GOD!!!

I could not figure out why they were not there, silly:) hope you eventually got them:) I was cheering you and scotty on! Soooo keep typing, till your fingers bleed, purge the whole story, i'm sitting at the edge of my seat:)

I'm sooo glad you had a great time, and i think you most certainy deserved it!! I would love your tips on how to budget for that, I'm a terrible budgeter for vacations!

Cute picture of you daughter, she looks just like you missy:)

Your daughter is so cute. I can just tell why she is such a good sales lady. And it was so nice to hear about some of your adventures, especially once meeting up with Eric too.


Just one comment for now. This kid is totally gorgeous. It must be true what they say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" :-D

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