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Monday, May 29, 2006 

Go Go Go

I went for a long bike ride this weekend. This won't mean anything to anyone who doesn't know San Francisco, but I rode from 48th Ave./Ortega down the Great Highway past Ocean Beach (where the wind blew sand in my face the whole time,) through Golden Gate Park, down to Hayes Valley, and then home to the Mission District. It's about 10 miles.

That ride nearly kicked my ass. I hadn't been on my bike for months. I love to ride, but the weather had been so crappy - and I despise riding in the rain. You never know how far out of shape you are until you attempt some form of physical activity.

My legs are sore - but in a good way. In a "we should do this more often" way. So, I'm off.


Is weather crappy all over the world at the moment? Is it almost June because I can't tell...

your ride sounds soo wonderful, sand in your face....hmmmm. sounds fun huh scottie??? heheeh

to ride to ride to ride : )

sounds wonderful. I know some of the area and well wind and sand just suck anyhow! But yes, getting on a bike after a long time just isn't fun...Sore bum...

that kicks some serious butt - SF is killer hills and daredevil drops - feast urself on our bike ride here:

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