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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Moving On...

In regards to Scottie's comment on my last post let me just say this, and move on: I do not in any way consider our time together "shallow." Much the opposite, in fact, which is why I've had such a hard time of it. But I will get over it. I really learned from the experience - and I genuinely had a very good time with him. I only wish our time together had been longer, and that he'd liked me as much as I like him. I hope he didn't come off as too much of a dick through all this. He's not. Honestly.

I think I've exhausted this topic.

"Scotty" I think buzzgirl put you in a very nice light!! (a very very sexy light to be exact)

That sucks that you read it all in the wrong order, but honestly I never ever thought badly or that you were a creep!

I was trying to get her to turn the pages quickly, and she is lucky i do not have text message capabilities, or her number or a phone for that matter ;) but yes, in case you doubt it, it was not a shallow encounter, you just gotta maybe work on your exit skills:) Just add a little heart wrenching yearning...come back to me baby, we'll have paris again crap:)

who knows, maybe there will be a sequel to the book:)

oooooh yeah, maybe a san fransisco version!!!!!!!

I vote for that!!!!!!!!!
kim (again)

I vote for the San Francisco version, too!

Well, what can I say? Been reading your blog for about an hour now.

I even emailed you about Paris...Amsterdam...similarities...freaky!

But it was returned.

I enjoyed reading it!

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