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Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Our Last Day in Paris (Part 2)

April 19, 2006

So, the girl and I head to Montmartre. I'd never taken the funiculaire, so I decided to give it a try. Bink, ever the athelete, decided to race me (on the funiculaire) to the top - by running up the stairs. On the one hand, she won (the trains are on a timer, so she had a head start.) On the other hand, she was panting like she had a collapsed lung when I caught up with her.

I phoned the Adult Runaway who came to meet us. We decided to head back to Le Temps des Cerises for dinner.

The meal started of innocently enough - a couple of on-the-house rosés for Gabrielle and myself, and a grape juice for the girl. Gabrielle opted to order the crèpe with salmon and crème fraîche, Bink ordered a large salad that involved serrano ham and hearts of palm, and I went for one of the homemade pastas topped with foie gras, figuring "What the heck, it' my last night in Paris!" The food there is awesome, but it doesn't compare with the proprietors Madeleine and Jean Paul. They are a hoot, and so generous. After plying us with orange scented mousse au chocolat, and cherry crèpes, John Paul came out to present Gabrielle and me a taste of his secret, homemade hooch. He placed a shot glass before each of us, and filled them with the contents of the scarf draped bottle. After a quick "Salud!" we each downed our shots. "Yum! Is that prune?" "It's very good."

Jean Paul left the bottle on the table. From the other side of the room, he told Gabrielle to look under the scarf. From her reaction I knew it couldn't be good. She pulled the scarf off, and there it was: a huge freaking snake - embalmed in the liquor. Eeewww. Jean Paul was in hysterics! The other diners turned to see what the big deal was. The Italian woman dining with her husband, freaked out - she couldn't even look at it! One of the two Swiss gentlemen at another table came over to take a photo.

We'd had a great time, but I needed to get back to the room so we could finish all of our packing. So we bade our new friend goodnight, and headed back to Bastille.

After everything was packed, and Bink was in bed asleep, I stood looking out the window. I decided to go for one last walk. It was after midnight. I walked around for a good two hours, taking photos, getting lost, and getting tired. I hailed a taxi, and went back to the hotel, and to bed. We needed to leave the hotel by 7:30 to catch our flight back to San Francisco.

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