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Sunday, June 18, 2006 

He left without incident

And by "without incident" I mean uninjured.

Thank you everyone for your virtual support. It has meant a lot to me this past week.

Warning: this entry is full of bad mouthing, shit-talking and insults. Please don't feel obligated to read this post - I'm just venting, and will return to (hopefully) more pleasant discourse soon.

It was awful. I just don't like him. He's just not very...I don't want to say bright. It's not that he's stupid, per se, but, he is not someone I would prefer to spend a lot of time with at this point in my life. He's kind of a hick. I've known him since I was 15 years old. I'd like to think I've grown as a person since then. Learned new things, travelled to different countries, met new people - that kind of thing. Or at least taken an interest in such endeavors. Not so with him.

He was born in Tacoma. Will never leave Tacoma. Left the country once when we were 16 to go on the French exchange trip (though he didn't really speak any French, and had no interest in doing so, his best friend was going, so...) He refers to this trip ad nauseum, as if the mere fact that he ever left the country at all ensures that all will think of him as a Continental jetsetter.

His presence at her graduation nearly sent me over the edge. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (um, hello, it's an occasion), he sighed and "harumphed" mightily during the speeches that were given in French because he didn't understand any of them (nevermind the fact that it's a French school.) I was not pleased by the fact that after the kids all got their diplomas and parents were invited to go down to meet the graduates, he made his way down before her godparents and me. Fuck you, dude. He'd never even seen the school before (he last saw her the day before she started kindergarten.) Never mind the fact that I've paid the (outrageous) tuition on my own these past six years. Where the fuck does he get off? Asshole.

I refrained from talking (too much) shit about him in front of my daughter, however, it's funny that, in his world, he can say shit about me to her, and not think she'd tell me. Of course she'd tell me - I'm her ACTUAL parent, dickwad.

She's going to my mom's in mid-July. No mention was made of plans to see her when she's in the same town as him. I am glad that she finally got to form her own opinion of him - based in reality, rather than fantasy. If she wants to call him when she gets there, she has his number. If not, well that's okay too. At least she got two dresses and a pair of shoes out of the deal (plus untold amounts of junk food and candy that I'll never really know about.)

For me though, the important thing is that he's gone. Fucker.

Ugh...I'm so sorry you had to go through this. But as you mentioned, your daughter knows that you've been the real parent and her love and respect for you will only grow as a result. Glad it is over for now. Take care of yourself.

I can't believe he wore jeans and a t-shirt to your daughter's graduation (sorry, that's the b*tch in me) and how he was so disrespectful during the ceremony. It kinda shows a reflection of his character, right?

I'm glad your daughter realizes that, like you said, YOU are her actual parent, not him. You have provided the love, nurturing, and caring for her. He hasn't.

All in all though, be glad it's done and over and a heap of congratulations to you and your daughter on her graduation!!! Is she still going to continue with the French school?

You are a better person than I...

I would have gone postal and leveled the creep...


Awww, man, I'm sorry "someone" made you feel that way. Venting is very good and therapeutic. Don't worry too much about what people might think, we all do it now and then.

You lived through it, and you took the high road, and your daughter knows YOU'RE always there for her. Not bad!!

gosh, he really affected you - ok, look, you really need to have some s*@ or you may explode with resentment! =D

Thank God that's over! Yep, he definitely sounds not very...bright. Congrats to your daughter on her big day, though, and congrats to you for not killing him :-)

Man, you've really got it together Buzzgirl. At least you've gotten it out of your system and are able to express it. Holding it in might be even worse. As I said, your daughter will have it all figured out on her own and you have nothing to worry about. Good job!

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