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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

Pride weekend

This weekend was the culmination of Gay Pride month here in San Francisco.

Saturday, I went to Dolores Park to meet some friends for the pre-Dyke March festivities. When the march began, we marched for the first four or so blocks until we got to the Casanova bar...and went in for drinks and to watch the ladies march by. You go, girls!

The march ended at Castro and Market streets, where there was a huge street party and celebration. I walked up there and met some other friends, Monica and Jeannie to go to a party at a friend of Monica's house.

We got to the party - in this amazing house. We walked in and I saw the hostess...a woman I had worked with years ago in a women's clinic. After we caught up, and I toured the house, I had a drink. It was clearly a lesbian party, and I was there. I felt like I was undercover - a complete poser. I was talking to my friends when two women came over to introduce themselves. We talked for a while and when one of them mentioned that she was from Quebec, Monica told her that I speak French. By the end of the evening, I had been invited to join their monthly social gathering, Francophone Dykes. I was torn. Should I disclose my non-dyke status? In the end, I didn't. Of course if they ask, I'll tell. But I don't think they'd mind - they said they often have gay men there too, so what's the harm of one straight girl?

By the way, if I was gay, I would never have to go home alone. Let's just say, the ladies love me. How much easier would that be?

Sunday was spent at the Pride Parade and at the Celebration at Civic Center. Here are a couple of photos of the parade:

Some good advice

The Gay Men's Chorus doing their thing

This is funny. City Car Share is a timeshare service for people without cars. This sign is a play on the old joke "What does a lesbian bring on the second date? A U-Haul!"

It was a great day. Large margaritas, cosmos and cape cods were enjoyed, and I got to meet my Friendster, Peaches Christ. Fierce!

Happy Pride, bitches!!

HA HA HA! I love the "Welcome to San Francisco. Please f*ck safely" banner ;)

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