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Friday, June 23, 2006 

Sometimes I hate people

Sometimes, out of nowhere, someone will do or say the stupidist thing.

I've been thinking about this since last Saturday when Tomate Farcie and I met for a couple of drinks.

We were sitting at the bar when a perfectly normal looking 50-ish guy sat next to me. I'm not even sure why we started talking, but we did. He mentioned that he was a lawyer. When I asked him what type of law he practiced, he said he defended corporations from consumers that wanted to sue. I probably should have stopped talking to him at this point. He moved here from Nebraska. He talked about how he had first visited San Francisco when he was in law school, and had fallen so in love with the City that he never even took the Nebraska bar exam, but moved here immediately and sat for the California bar.

All seemed okay, until he found out that Tomate is originally from Paris. He shared with us a story about how he had gone to Paris some years ago with a 70 year old guy. The guy got sick, so he was left to roam Paris alone.

He said he didn't speak or understand French, but people were helpful - he didn't know why people say the French hate Americans. I mentioned that unlike a lot of Americans, the French can differentiate between policy makers (Bush) and the American people in general. He had voted for Bush the first time, not even remembering who had run against him (Gore.) Again, I probably should have stopped talking to him at this point. But no.

I said "Moi, je parle un petit peu du Fran├žais, mais apparemment j'ai un mauvais accent." Tomate (politely) said that my accent wasn't too bad. This dude, however said, "It's hard for black people to speak French. To speak French you have to have sort of a "smooth" sounding voice. That's hard for black people."*

What the fuckity fuck??!!

Maybe it was the cocktails, or maybe the beautiful day, but I was apparently in a very diplomatic mood. I didn't tell him how retarded he was. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and even a way out of his asinine statement by mentioning that I'm from the West coast, and have only ever lived on this coast, so I really have no discernable accent (here in the US.) But he just repeated it. So I turned to Tomate and said (finally!) "I'm done talking to this guy."

It was weird. Weird that he'd say that to me, weird that I didn't smack him upside his head.

Stuff like that happens all the time. Things seem perfectly normal and then -BAM- out of nowhere, people come up with something completely out of left field.

Tomate reminded me that it was not unlike getting a certain text message from a certain person...I was happily going along thinking "La, la, la, he's so sweet, he likes me, yada, yada..." But no.

I fucking hate people sometimes.

*I'll assume he's unaware of the millions of black francophones. In fact, now that I think of it, aren't the majority of French speakers in the world black? That would make sense to me considering Francophone Africa.

No Dude, you were right. As a white person I should never say dude but its my favorite word. Plus I'm too old.

If we/you/whomever is going to destroy the stupid ass stereotypes the occupy the minds of people then the best thing you did was end the conversation. Maybe he would have gone around for the rest of his life thinking that Black people have difficulty with French. My best friend who is 1/2 Korean but born/raised in the US would have done the same thing. It cracks me up when she does it. It shocks the hell out of people when they ask if she knows how to cook chow mein and she wants to punch then in the face.

Did he notice the Africans in Paris? They're everywhere and I think a majority these days?

Sorry, Buzz, I never heard the comment when he made it otherwise, I certainly would have thrown in my 2 cents immediately! I pretty much had him tuned out the minute he said he was a lawyer (I know, I'm bad that way, sue me!) so, much of what he said kind of went in one ear and immediately out the other.

With regard to what he said, that is the most stupid-fuck comment I've heard in a very long time, even in a bar, and God knows there are a lot of stupid fuck comments being said in bars when people drink, but that one pretty much tops all!

*rolling around on the floor cracking up*

That is some seriously dumb shit. One can hardly blame you for not knowing how to respond to that level of idiocy.

I only wish it had happened to me so that I could have given him a lecture, in French, on how just plain nonsensical his comment was.

But alas, chatty stupid people seem to avoid me like the plague.

i know i shouldn't laugh, but laugh my husband and i did. my husband especially liked the floow up "fuckity fuck". perhaps i should have left that out when i read your story aloud to him as he is now going around the house repeating it like a 3 year old.
also, it may jsut be corsicans, but i haven't met too many french people that differentiate between policy makers and american people in general. i've gotten to the point where i don't even discuss american politics with french people even though we probably agree on many points.

buzzgirl - SJ is my home town. Yeah I'll have to see what I can do but since I haven't been back in like 2 years, that's going to be tough to meet with people. Everyone wanting my attention at once! I'll totally keep you in mind when we are up in SF area though!

It happens to me all the time Buzzgurl and I'm 66 years old! I was wearing my 1994 World Cup shirt the other day and a white man walked up to me and said, "You shouldn't be wearing that shirt. Old Black women don't know anything about soccer." I just laughed and told him how many matches I went to in '94 and asked how many he'd been too. Of course he harrumphed and walked away. What kept me from hating was the people, white and black, who high-fived me or gave me a hug.

What an idjeeot! So stupid on so many levels it's almost not worth analyzing.

The varieties of human idiocy continue to proliferate - there's always something new under the sun when it comes to people being stupid. The fun, I suppose, comes in trying to think of clever comebacks - I've spent my whole life trying think of what I wished I was smart enough to have said in that kind of situation! (Usually I never come up with anything good though!)

that is just so disappointing and yet, i have come to realize that sadly, ignorance and racism exist on so many levels. even an educated man will make an absolutely ridiculous statement like that! i'm with you...all i can say about that asshole's comment is, what the fuck?!

Most of the lawyers I know are complete jackasses.

I will coin the new "buzzword"...WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!!! I love it you are brilliant, and well he is a lawyer, nuff said!!

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