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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Unhappy Birthday

The fabulous weather has left us. It's not raining, but it has cooled considerably. We're back to normal. It was nice while it lasted.

My birthday is next month (July 28th for those of you keeping track.) I always loved having my birthday in the summer. Until I moved to San Francisco. The weather here is awful during the summer. Gray, drizzly, foggy. Our "summer," when we get fantastic weather for weeks at a time, is September and October. That's the wedding season around these parts.

I love birthdays. Not just mine, but friends' too. Kids clamor for invitations to my daughter's parties because they're always the best. Seriously. She's had rock climbing, art workshops, ceramic painting, swimming - all kinds of stuff. I love to go all out. I'm also a pretty good gift giver. I tend to pay attention to what people casually say they like, and then surprise them.

Unfortunately, I am obviously very difficult to buy for. Last year, I swore to myself that if I received yet another lavender/musk/ylang-ylang bath/shower gift basket from The Body Shop, I was going to strangle someone. Now, I'm not someone who particularly even cares about gifts. I'm more about the party - the celebration of me, if you will. But come on, people. Books, music, a nice bottle, an available French guy - these gifts are timeless. They never go out of style.

Although I feel stupid for not knowing the exact date, I know that June is the birthday month of He-Who-Shall-No-Longer-Be-Named-In-This-Blog. Nevertheless, I'm kind of bummed. I knew exactly what I wanted to get him for his birthday our first night together, and now I can't get it for him. Well, I suppose I could, but hell if I will.

I'm a book giver.

There is something so wonderful about clean, new, paper smell pages that I go all crazy.

What genre of book do you like and what's your address? :)

Buzzgirl, I just read your entire Paris romance story (because of your comment about gettnig a birthday gift for "he who..." I can relate... my story is a bit different in that I met a man in Paris, fell crazy in love after about 10 minutes, went home for 9 months, reconnected via email (it's a LONG story) corresponded and instant messaged intensely with him for 6 months, went back to Paris to see him (with my daughter!) ... only difference was, no sex. Because, oh did I mention, I'm married. Hence the anonymous comment here (I'm one of the town daily photo-bloggers). But I'm still crazy in love with the guy. (His birthday is November 18 and I would get him a soft orange and red scarf, but I can't.) Sigh

You have a beautiful way with words - have you ever thought of writing full-time?!

As far as baby daddy is concerned, I wonder why all of a sudden he's interested in being a presence in her life?!?! Part of me thinks "better late than never" but another part of me thinks him a not-so-great father for disappearing from her life for so long when he lives in the same hometown as your mom! No excuses.

Needless to say, I'm back from my trip to France, and had nowhere near the whirlwind holiday romance like you did! The grandfather generation in France loved me though, it was kinda weird!!! Then again, maybe I just stuck out as a female solo traveler :p

P.S. I'm a Leo, too!

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