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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

We're all still breathing

I'm exhausted. Physically and emotionally. It will take me a day or two to collect my thoughts. I'm sorry I haven't responded to the comments...I will! Suffice it to say: he's just not very bright. If I'm being honest, I think an additional reason I didn't want him to come to San Francisco is one of vanity. I didn't (don't) want people to meet him, and then look at me with the "Really? Him?" face.

Oh, the purported reason for his visit is that my daughter is graduating from CM2 (5th grade) to coll├Ęge (middle school) and he came for the ceremony.

I'll write more later. It hasn't been going "well," but no one is bleeding yet either, so it's a win. Right?

Breathe in ... Breathe out - You can do this...

I wanted to comment before, but blogger would not allow it!! I am glad you got a lot of virtual support though, that was my intent too:)

I can soooo relate to the whole vanity thing...If I'm brave enough to say it, Pickles father is also kinda the same way..I worry if people would see him they would be like...wtf?? He is not a bad person by any means, but I was definately going through a wounded bird phase....I feel very guilty and shallow for thinking that way too...

I do hope things go okay and I know you and your daughter will be just fine!!

This too shall pass...
and btw, michael is very sweet:) why didn't you meet up with him in paris?? he's very handsome too...;)


Enjoyed a lot!
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Very nice site!
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