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Monday, July 10, 2006 

Big girls don't cry

I've never been what you would call an "emotional" person. Not really. This fact is of course belied by the fact that I often find myself welling up at cheesy movies - or even the occasional holiday-time commercial, despite the fact that I know I'm being emotionally manipulated.

I can't stop crying today. I can't even say why. I mean, I know why, I just can't say.

I think I need to take a break from this. From all of this. This blog, this everything. For a while.

Would a couple of frozen margaritas help? :(

I hope you are okay, Buzzgirl.

OK, maybe this will help...


Hum, by the way, if you go to this site, a bunch of pop-ups will probably open up on the screen... DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THEM, just x'them out.


I think I know what you mean.

Maybe after a couple of months, things will be clearer?... Sometimes separations give us the clarity we need.

BUT MOST OF ALL, HERE'S A HUGE VIRTUAL HUG. I wish it could be "en vrai"...

Maybe it's the anniversary of Mushdie and everything that's happened over the last few months catching up with you. A blogging break is always a good thing. Actually, a break from all communications. Can you take yourself down to Capitola for a few days R&R? There's a great bar right on the beach that makes wonderful cocktails.

Whatever you decide, take care of yourself.

Take good care, Buzz Girl and know that I'm wishing the best for you!

I hope you're okay, buzzgirl...like Gabrielle said above, taking a break is always a good thing (god I sound like Martha Stewart). I'll miss your blogging, but I look forward to your return when you're ready. Take care...sending you huge hugs from NYC.

Wow Buzzgirl, I'm not liking what I'm hearing...I hope you're okay. Would a few boxes of girlscout cookies do the trick? If not, could you send them to me ? *wink*

I have to say, when I was going through "my thing", the blogging community really helped. It was totally unexpected to see so much warmth out there from strangers, but it did help.

Drop a line if you need to. In the meantime, take care of YOU.

I'll miss your blogging too. One of the reasons that I read your blog is because you are so resilient. And I've always found this to be inspiring and comforting. So, it sounds like you are hitting a rough patch but I know that it will eventually smooth out. Take care and love yourself.

Hey Buzzgirl, hope you feel better soon... you are such a cool person, so warm and funny and sassy... big hug from a total stranger...

I totally agree with Michael on the power of the blogging community in being able to be of support! :-) Take care of yourself, Buzzgirl!

Sorry to hear this Buzzgirl. It's the problem with people who always seem happy and sassy, noone can imagine they can cry sometimes.

Maybe taking a break is the solution. As long as... you come back to us eventually!

Big kiss from Paris, by the way!

I hope you're OK and I hope you come back soon. I'll be imbibing cocktails for you while your away.

Drinking makes everything better......Ok maybe not but I'm trying to help.

I agree that drinking is the answer to most of life's problems...but my AA sponsor didn't seem to agree...so I hit him over the head with a bottle of Jim Beam and told him to piss off. Yeah right, like I'd really take advice from some drunk. That was 3 years ago.....look how good I turned out. *hiccup*

Anyway, get well soon. I miss you too much already. I'll admit I get a little panicky at the thought of you never coming back to your blog. *doing deep breathing exercises* But the bottom line is--- take care of yourself!

For some reason (perhaps becuase you turned off comments?) there's no comment link on your latest post...just wanted to say I feel for you... I recently got some sort of "closure" on my somewhat similar situation... I've assumed since you never responded that I told you way too much information when I described it to you or that my lack of moral fiber was offputting...that's OK but anyway... I do feel like I know what you're going through and send you healing vibes!

Yeah, the comments are turned off. I sent you an email, Buzz. Take care of yourself.

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