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Monday, July 24, 2006 

Good & Bad: A short list


Spending Sunday in Dolores Park with friends drinking Prosecco, eating cherries, enjoying the free San Francisco Symphony performance;

Riding my bike at 8:00 am because it's too hot after 10:00 am to even think about riding;

Going to the post office to retrieve packages of birthday gifts purchased from my Amazon Wishlist (thank you cards are on their way!);

Losing 20lbs. on the misery/too hot to eat/bike riding diet.


Having to post to blog from library because your computer's hard drive died on Saturday;

Having one's excitement that a new hard drive (8 times larger!) was only $115 dashed because the cost of data recovery from the old hard drive is a minimum of $750;

Not having access to anyone's contact info to ask them to a get together for your birthday on Friday :(

That's it for now. Not sure when I'll be able to update again...my time is up!

Your amazon wishlist was so modest, it was hard not to pick a little something... ;)

Glad your back on your feet.

And although I wouldn't wish a heartbreak on even my worst enemy-----did I mention I am totally jealous that you lost 20lbs?


Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. Lots of love x x

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