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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

How to celebrate Independence Day

The lead up

July 1st

Tell yourself all day that you're going to clean up the apartment while the child is away at camp. Instead, go for a bike ride, to the market and movie rental store. Rent and watch Match Point because you've heard good things, and because Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is hot.

July 2nd

Spend all day in beautiful Stern Grove picnicing with friends. Try desperately to ignore the fact that your friend John from Manchester whom you came this close to hooking up with one night last year (that we, nor our friends who witnessed the nonsense ever mention again) is there with his 18 year old girlfriend. He's 32. Try not to be skeeved out by him. Fail miserably.
Dance your ass off in front of the stage to ReBirth. After show, hang out with band (whom you've known for years.)

July 3rd

Wake up way too early. Take opportunity to call the only other person you know will be awake at this unholy hour - your mother. Catch up on family gossip, and finalize dates for daughter's visit to grandma's. Purchase ticket online while talking to mother. Note that you will be childless for six weeks (July 17th - August 26th.) Wonder what you will do with all this time, and rue the fact that you don't really have enough money to go anywhere.
Later that night, decide to go out with friends to a dance party/club. Arrive at 11:30. Get in free because bouncer thinks you're cute. Meet friends inside. Dance your ass off...again. Overcome herculean obstacle of dancing/hanging out with two lesbians all night by being asked to dance by a few different men. Make mental note to inform men that they should never come up behind and start grinding an unsuspecting woman dancing as this may startle said woman and result in her reflexive castration of said man.
Get home by 2:30.

July 4th, The Big Day

Attend the traditional kick-off of the Mime Troupe’s new season in Dolores Park. Be surprised and oddly moved that even in godless, leftist San Francisco, some people still stand when they hear The Star Spangled Banner. Marvel at the cleverness and ballsiness of the show (as always.) Covet membership in their repatory company (as always.)
Walk home to retrieve your forgotten wallet so that you can buy a shawarma, and rejoice that all the restaurants in your neighborhood are open despite the holiday, because you (as is traditional when the child is away) have no food in the house.
After dark, walk back up to Dolores Park to watch the fireworks display over the Bay. See only the lower half of the pyrotechnics because of the marine (fog) layer.
Come home to hear the assholes in your neighborhood shooting off illegal fireworks all night long.

At least that's what I did.

Bink comes home from horseback riding camp tomorrow. Yee haw!

What an excellent way to spend the 4th. Would have loved to have seen those fireworks, but I'll have my own assholes to contend with next Friday night--and the night before and a week after. Pumpkin will probably sleep in the bathtub again :}

It has been ages since I've danced my ass off...

Sounds like really good fun.

Looks like you had a good time! I saw some of the fireworks (very little actually) from my deck but it was too foggy this time to really see anything interesting. And the tree has grown a lot since last year which is great for privacy but not so great for checking out fireworks. Talk to you real soon hopefully.

I should come hang out with you in SF. Sounds like fun times! I need to go dancing!

I spent the 4th thinking it was the 3rd. I'm easily confused.

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