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Friday, July 28, 2006 

My birthday gift to myself

A new hard drive! Woo hoo! It really sucked not having computer access, but now the new hard drive has been installed and the operating system loaded, so I'm back in business. Unfortunately, there's still the matter of extracting all the data from the old drive. Back up your files people. Seriously.


Congratulations on the re-birth of your computer!

Maybe the new HD will be one more reminder that you have turned a page? ;)

Happy B'day BuzzGirl! :-D

Birthday wishes! I can't agree enough on backing up your files, esp. treasured photos.

Happy Birthday Buzzgirl!!! Sorry to hear about your hard drive hassle...but I hope your day is wonderful otherwise. Best wishes to you in the year to come. You are a wonderful person and I know I say this all the time to you but truly, I feel so fortunate to have "met" you and I look forward to sharing the adventures to come in your life this year!

Congrats on your born-again PC.

And thanks for the reminder--I need to do a back-up.

Happy Buzzday!!

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to do this...

Happy birthday gal.

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