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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

Karma is a bitch

Then again, so am I. That must be why, after ending it with the "nice guy," the "freak" ended it with me. Actually, I guess, technically, I ended it with him, but he certainly didn't object.

I needn't have worried about putting the brakes on my "casual" relationship with G.

Our email conversation went like this:

G: I think I am feeling a little weird about it...things have gone further than I intended, but I do reeeally like spending time with you...maybe we could chill out for a bit?

Me: I feel that way too, actually. I think things were getting too...intimate, for lack of a better word.

I'd say that you are my ideal guy that I, unfortunately, met under less than ideal circumstances.

So we should stop now. I am glad I met you, though.

Oh yeah...it occurs to me that I'm telling someone I don't want to see them again because I like them. Christ, that's retarded.

G: You're funny. Thank you for the compliment. I think you are really great... but I think you are probably right that maybe we should not see each other further. Honestly, my feelings about this have nothing to do with you, only me. I would be honored if you would consider me your friend, and if you would be happy to run into me around town and would stop to talk (rather than avoiding or ignoring each other).

Me: Holy shit! Are you seriously giving me the "It's not you, it's me" thing? Wow.

Well, I promise I'll try not to be weird if I see you around town. I'll try.

G: Dude, I'm totally serious, about it being me not you, and that I would like to be your friend.

Me: Whatever, dude. "Friend" might be hard for me, but I won't run in the opposite direction if I see you. Cool? Okay.

I'm not sure what it is about me that makes guys think they either have to marry me or dump me. Why can't we just hang out? Why can't we just date?

I've been dating A LOT lately (thanks to my online profile.) I've met some really cool guys, but who knows if anything is going anywhere? I'm of the mind that nothing has to be going anywhere...but that seems to be an unpopular stance. Dating for dating's sake is not in vogue, apparently. For me, it's practice. And I'm having fun. For now. (I really do like that G guy, though...plus, let's just say...he's supremely talented in a singularly focused way.)

I do hate that I'm so easy to get over and forget, though. I think that's what bugs me the most about Scottie and G - what the fuck? I'm brooding, thinking - nay obsessing about you, and you've already moved on? Harumph.

Men are indeed from Mars...

Can't stand dating. Just hate it.

I think I'm all done on the dating thing. I have no idea whats next.

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