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Thursday, September 14, 2006 

I hate clauses.

Perhaps it's karmic punishment for my tendency towards overly florid sentence structure; my relationships come with too many clauses. I'm really tired of having the conversation that goes "you are the most amazingly fabulous creature ever!!!" followed by a tragic conjunction. Yesterday it was me who added "but it doesn't really matter how fabulous I am if you're not sure how committed you are to seeing me." With G it was him: "but you don't fit some abstract idea of what my partner is supposed to be like (oh, and did I mention I just don't think you're that hot?)." There have been some hysterical ones: "But you're just not geeky enough." and my new favorite "but you live in San Francisco, why even bother?" I think I'm capable of being part of a relationship that can be contained in simple sentence structure. I hope I'm getting closer to figuring out what to do to make that happen. I definitely have to start being as picky about whether people are really available/feasible as I am about how smart they are and how much I like them.

Hmmmm.. that's a tough one. From what you're saying, it seems like you might be giving too many people the benefit of the doubt... And then you have people like me, who tend to keep the bar a little high, too high for most probably ... maybe the best conduct is somewhere in between? (We are talking about dating, right?)

I barely know you yet I think you are an amazingly fabulous creature. I say Hold out for a guy who worships you...otherwise it's just not worth it. Forget about any asshole who uses those tragic conjunctions!

p.s. I agree. Sometimes people that say they are "available" aren't so available. Protect yourself. Choose wisely.

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