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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

The Answer is Four

The question is, "How many drinks will it take before the slutty Oompa Loompa will agree to do karaoke?"

This photo is from a party I went to on Saturday. It was the first night I ever rode in an ambulance (I wasn't the injured party.) Good times.

The other question is madame...what did you sing????
and where there any cute ambulance drivers??
hope your doing well:)
bisous, kim

wow. what were you drinking?

I'm happy that you posted though. And, very cute!!!

Glad to see you're back, buzzgirl!!!

Love the pic!!!

Hooray, you're back! I was wondering what happened. Love the photo and the expression. Bises.

Slutty Oompa Loompa?
Is there any other kind?

I love the costume idea...very well done! Hope you're doing well and that the injured party you mentioned wasn't seriously hurt.

oh man, that's great. i don't suppose there's a video you could upload to youtube? :)

OMG my hair looks just LIKE that!

p.s. You have no idea how happy I am that you're back to posting. I can now end my blog reading strike.

"Strike"? Did someone say "strike"? You know how we French are always up for holding a strike! Glad to read you again Buzzgirl.

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