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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Ironically, I feel worthless...

Your Life Is Worth...


I've been meaning to email you. I hope you start to feel better soon. I'm concerned.

I can't do anything over here, so I'll have to count on your stuffed tomatoe (:-)) friend to try and wheedle a joie de vivre for you out of your situation.

Take heart, dear.

The blogger formerly known as JennC

If it makes you feel any better, I'm "worth" way less than you according to that quiz(I won't say how much and it's not going on my blog!)

Maybe it's time to hang out again. Send email if you're up to it.

Hey Buzzgirl...take heart, I only had a couple dollars more (and I mean only a couple!), but I'm sure my banjo playing wouldn't earn me that much extra. Sounds like you're a bit down and I'm not quite sure what's up. Drop a line when you can. Bises.

Hi Buzzgirl...long time no talk!!! Ciao from Italy.

You are NOT worthless. As you can see, you've got a whole little group who care about you!!!!

I hope you're doing okay...if it's worth anything I'm going to Rome on Thursday and staying at a convent (yeah, I know!) and I can say a little prayer for ya there even though I'm not Catholic!!!!

And if you really want to forget about your worries for a little bit, come visit Italy...the guys here ain't so bad ;)

Be well, mia amica!!!!

Hey buzzgirl...have you stopped posting? Are you okay?

You're actually worth a whole lot more once you add the taxes.

Everything OK, Buzz? I check your blog every few days - with the tone of your posts lately it worries me when you go so long without an update!

Yeaaaaah. I'm worried too. You're not worthless already! Stop it!

Where are you? Come back before I start to twitch. My left eye is already starting to do this weird involuntary blinky thing.

Come back so I can tell you all abotu my trip to Japan!

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