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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 

Baby? Boom!

Okay, people. What the hell is going on here? A number of blogs that I read (listed to your right) are by expats living in France. All chicks. Most of whom are either knocked up now, or have given birth within the last month. To wit:

Lee Ann

Have I missed anyone? I *did* forget someone: Riana.

What gives? Is there really nothing else for y'all to do? And just because you're not listed here yet, don't think I'm not anticipating announcements from you, too Madame K and Sam. You're not working on another one right now, are you Jennifer?

I'm clear!

oh good lord, i hope i won't have any big announcements to make soon!!

Goes to show we *must* be drinking the same water!

French men really are insatiable!

if you saw what this island is like in the winter, you wouldn't be asking me if i had anything better to do. of course now that the baby is here, i doubt much of that will be happening this winter ;)

Hmmm... I hate to break it to you, Flare, but I'm pretty sure that drinking water isn't how you get pregnant! :P

I agree with Doc, French boys are hot, this much is true.

Now, I don't have babies on the brain or anything, but I can at least admit that the thought of all that free healthcare and the French government's "Baby Bonus" has made the concept of motherhood somewhat less terrifying.

But just to be safe, I only drink bottled water. Merde!---If someone's spiked the Perrier supply I'm totally f&cked.

It's just that French tv is sooo boring, we had to find something else to do ;)

wow I've been out of the blog loop it seems. mazel tov to one and all of the expat mamas!

maitresse-dom doesn't allow for procreation just yet. nor do the committment-phobic Frenchmen she seems to chronically fall for... or maybe it's her bad habit of talking in the third person that puts them off...

It's true -- winters here are dreary. It's dark when you rise and dark again by five. As for French TV being boring -- I have two words for you -- Star Academy!

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