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Monday, November 13, 2006 

The Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon Show!

*I just realized that I left out the part of the story about how I got onstage/backstage/to the hotel with the band. Sheesh. I've added that info., so hopefully the story makes more sense.*

So, no one I knew wanted to go see Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon with me on Saturday night, so I planned to go alone. Actually, I was originally going to go with that chick I met at G's party (his other concubine) but it was too weird, and she started to creep me out...Naomi said her friend might like to go. I called him up, and we planned to meet outside of the venue at 8:00 (the show started at 9:00). We met up, got some Thai food, and went back.

We got some drinks and waited for the show to begin. The line up was supposed to be three acts, and then Kool Keith, who was supposed to go on at midnight. The opening acts were okay... but there were 5 or 6 of them. At around midnight (with no Keith in sight) I turned around, and noticed that Aaron (the guy I went with) was gone. That was weird. No goodbye or anything. Whatever.

Finally at about 1:15, Keith (as his Dr. Octagon persona) came on. He did two songs, and then Denis (another rapper in his crew) brought out a Victoria's Secret bag. "We got something for the ladies," he said, and started handing out various panties/g-strings to women in the audience. I got a really cute pair. Seriously - not skanky in the least, even though the price tag revealed that they were actually from Fredericks of Hollywood rather than VS. These are them! Same color, too:

Next he said, "All the ladies that got panties, come on stage." Six of us took him up on the offer. When we got up there, we were instructed to put the panties on - over our jeans was fine. And then we danced to the next couple of songs. A couple of us started to gather our things to make our way back to the audience, but were told that we could stay on stage the whole time and watch the show from there! Awesome. We set ourselves up at the back of the stage (where the booze was) and danced our asses off the rest of the night. The whole time I was onstage, I was thinking "I wonder if Aaron still here. I wonder if anyone I know is in the audience." Probably none of my old-ass friends were still awake! After the show, we were invited backstage to hang out with the band. And drink. Here's a fun fact: these "hard" rappers and old-skool hip hoppers' drink of choice? Stoli Vanilla! For some reason, that cracks me up. So, after an hour or so of hanging out, taking pictures, exchanging emails, having Keith leave a voicemail for el creepo, the facilities people asked the party to leave. So we all went back to the hotel. And drank. And talked.

At about 3:30 we all went downstairs so folks could smoke (it's a non-smoking hotel). I decided it was time for me to go. I tried hailing a cab. When Keith noticed, he asked why I was trying to leave. Did I have to work in the morning? "Yes," I fibbed. My ass was just tired. At this point he asked me how much I made, and offered to pay me to stay. "I'll give you your net, right now." What the fuckity fuck?! Was I wearing Eau de Whore perfume? I turned down his kind offer and left. I really needed to go.

All in all, it was a really fun, really weird night. Even if I did get ditched! What the fuck?

The best part for me, honestly was that all the guys were into me. Not just Keith, but the younger guys too. It was weird. I was the oldest woman there. I was the only Black woman. And lets just say that I was not the thinnest, either. I usually feel like the "homely homie" in situations where I'm with a bunch of other women. Unfortunately, my friends are hot, and I always feel inferior (I really need to get some ugly friends.) But Saturday night was all about my ego. It was nice.

So, just to clarify, I did not hook up with anyone (none of us girls did). Which frankly, I think pissed the guys off. Too bad.

But it was fun.

I'll be your ugly friend, hon. And I'm still working on that Vivi-esque project for you...

Try not to think yourself homely. You aren't.

Nice one! Free panties *and* an ego boost.

And yeah, what Jenn said!

We want the real photo buzzgirl!

What do you mean by "real" photo, Michael? Are you implying that you don't believe that that is a photo of my ass?!

*I* think it's real - nice buns, Buzz!

Sorry buzzgirl, didn't mean to offend. I thought the previous version said that you wore your newly acquired panties OVER your pants? Am I confused?

Ha ha! My never looked that good when I was 17 - no one wants to see it now. Plus she's, you know, white... LOL!

It's not so obvious she's white in the photo...and who knows...you might have a white bum...could happen you know! ;-)

"Was I wearing Eau de Whore perfume?" Cracked me up!

When all that was going on about the girl going to that athlete's hotel room...I was talking about it with a few guys and all said that from a man's point of view, if a woman they just met comes to their hotel room, sex is assumed.

Surprised me because women don't automatically think like that. My dad, a really good family man, said the same thing. Maybe we women need to think about the signals we are sending to that other species---Men, that is.

"I'll give you your net, right now."

What a weird comment! Is that what goes for sweet talk nowadays?

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