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Sunday, January 21, 2007 

Brief surgery recap

Well, I didn't die. I am deathly afraid of general anesthesia, and it took a lot of convincing on the anesthesiologist's part, but I survived.

As far as I know, the surgery was a success - I haven't talked to the surgeon since. I have a follow up appointment on Friday.

Crutches suck. My armpits, pectoral muscles and sides are all extremely sore. I literally have to hop everywhere on the crutches because I am not allowed to bear any weight on my left foot. Yesterday I rented a wheelchair. Hopefully this will make my life easier over the next month.

Friday night (the night of the surgery) I woke up out of a Vicodin induced sleep at about midnight and freaked the fuck out. I got the kid up and drove to the emergency room (ouch, ouch, ouch - the clutch nearly killed me.) I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the cast, that it was too tight, and that it needed to come off NOW.

The young, shaved head, tatted up doctor tried to talk me down. He assured me that I was having a common reaction called "confinement syndrome." He said it's a form of claustrophobia. He refused to take off the cast, and basically begged me not to - 'cause I told him I'd do it my own damn self.

He gave me a prescription for Ativan to quell my anxiety. While I was at Walgreens filling the prescription, I also invested in a bunch of sterile bandages and tape... in case I couldn't make it with the cast.

So far, the cast is still on, but I feel better having the medication, bandages, tape, and a big pair of scissors by my bed. Just in case.

ah, the friendly, neighborly side effects of heavy narcotics....you'll feel better soon, especially if you start running over old peole and small dogs with your wheelchair.

Aim well, young Jedi

may the force to roll be with you...

Glad to hear the surgery went well--sorry about the sore sides. I understand your panic. I have to wear a latex bandage on my ankle at the moment and there are moments when I can't breathe and wildly rip it off. But at least it's simple for me to put it back on in 5 minutes when I've calmed down--not so simple for you :-(

Well, there is probably much swelling due to the surgery and if they don't put the cast on somewhat tight, it'll fall right off as soon as the swelling goes down in a few days.

Yeah, crutches are an incredible pain, literally, they !!$@#$@# hurt! Fortunately, it seems like they gave you some good drugs to go with the crutches.

Take it easy and call if you need anything. TF

Buzzgirl...am just catching up and found your news. I do hope the surgery was successful (not quite sure what was being done), and that you're able to kick ass soon. How nice of TF to offer to help out. From blog friends to fog friends to grog friends....that's nice.

So now, I have this other image in my mind of you rolling the wheelchair down one of those steep SF hills! Or better yet...UP! Be careful or they'll take your license away.


If I were in SF I would volunteer to push you around in your new wheelchair & I promise I wouldn't accidentally let you roll down any steep hills.

Side note: You're absolutely batty for not liking surgery! general anesthesia is your friend! Sweeeeeeeeet sweeeeet oblivion. I do it every chance I get! It's the only time I get to wake up half naked,without quite knowing my own name or location and nobody talks shit about me afterwards. Enjoy!

But sorry about the cast freak-out session. Dude--"2 XANAX to the rescue!"

Ahhh- you poor baby! Get well soon.

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