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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 


I had a(nother) date last night. Everything was going well. We were drinking wine, he told me about the house he owns in Napa and what it was like moving to California from Manhattan having never been before he decided to move. His (freaking amazing) apartment is in the Marina, which I had to overlook, because I fricking hate that neighborhood. In fact, when my friends and I go out in my neighborhood, we sometimes yell "Go back to the Marina!" to the drunk bimbos and frat boys on Mission St.

Fast forward to us in his bedroom. I'm sitting on the bed (completely dressed) and he's naked lying down (um, this blog really isn't going to become a log of my sex life, but this part is relevant). So, picture the scene, there hasn't been any sexual contact at this point. We were watching TV (I realize this part is weird considering his nakedness, but it was on and I was like, "Oh, what's that?") Attention span of a fly.

We'd talked before about his job (the generic sounding IT), and for some inexplicable reason I chose this moment to ask him, specifically, what it is that he does.

"Oh, I work for (company name)."

As soon as he mentioned the name of this relatively small company I let out a gasp. "I know someone who works there..."

Of course he asked who, and I was like, "I'm not telling you."

So, the next 20 minutes or so was spent with him trying to guess, and me promising to tell him, ahem, later. But then he said this other guy's name, and I have NO poker face, so...

I didn't get laid last night. He told me that he kept picturing me with this guy, and couldn't... you know. Oh my god. I suppose in a town this small it was bound to happen sometime.

So essentially, I was cockblocked by this guy's co-worker, who was nowhere around. "I work 100 feet from him. I hang out with him! Don't ever mention this to him, okay? This never leaves this bedroom."

Yeah, okay, but does posting it on teh innernets count?

Huh? He's naked in bed and you are there... and his co-worker is the problem? I don't get it.

Whatever, it's clear to me that your date has a secret "man crush" on his coworker and was so startled by the fact that you and he are attracted to the same type of dude, that he simply failed to salute.

Bof. I'm nuts.

Pun intended.

p.s. If you ever stop posting about your love life I will simply die.

LOL! OK. We must meet. When I lived in the Mission, I often found myself muttering, "Go back to the Marina, you hag." Heck. I even mutter it when I'm hanging in North Beach.

I tried explaining the term "cockblock" to my french boyfriend the other night. It didn't go very well. sigh. such a useful phrase.

I'm with Madamek. That guy had a sexual issue with the male coworker to let the mere mention of his name preclude an evening of sexual congress.

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