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Monday, February 05, 2007 

Dichoto "me"

I hadn't seen or heard from my ex for about a year and a half. Is it weird that I still call him "my ex"? We went out, like 15 years ago. I think by now he should just be "my friend" or "A"... but for some reason I feel the need stress the fact that I have, indeed, at some point had a boyfriend.

Wow. Someone's been in therapy, huh?

Anyway, we went out for a drink on Friday. I was bored with him, and was totally reminded of what I didn't like about him. Nice, right? Yeah, sometimes I just can't conceal the bitch.

We were talking about dating - not each other - and I mentioned that I hadn't had sex since January first (though, as of yesterday, we can reset that clock.) I was telling him about Greg, and what a freak he was. I mentioned how horrible I felt to refer to him as a "freak" when in actuality I guess his... "predilections" - ahem - aren't necessarily unheard of, just not something I'd ever been exposed to. God, I know I'm being vague, but whatever.

So the question occurred to me: is it possible to be both a slut and a prude? Apparently so. But I'm working on it. The prude part, anyway.

I think being both a slut and a prude is as healthy as you can get.

Prude? Can't you just be a slut who knows what she likes and to which lengths she'll go--a selective slut, or maybe a very selective slut?
Ditto Neil.

thanks so much for a laugh out loud moment to start the day. i may have startled a sleeping baby awake, but it was worth it.


That was all so vague I had to read it twice. Details. I want details Madame Prudey Slut!

Greg? Predilictions?? i need to find out more about this...can we search blogs for content..have to investigate this

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