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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Gavin's sexual crime

Ooooh! Have you heard? San Francisco has it's own sex scandal! How very British of us. Basically, it boils down to Alex Tourk, the mayor's campaign manager (he's up for re-election in November) resigning in the wake of finding out his wife had an affair with the mayor.

Honestly, I don't care who is sleeping with whom. I do hope this damages Gavin's chance for re-election. I am not a fan. Actually, the only thing that kind of bothers me about this is that the woman, Ruby Rippey-Tourk also worked for the mayor, as his appointment secretary. His suboordinate. In his office. That is out of bounds, people. Everyone knows that beginning an affair with someone who works for you could be construed as a sexual harassmeent no-no.

Ironically, given my dislike of our mayor, just days before my surgery I went out with a friend (who inexplicably wants to be known as "T" here - even though there's no "t" in his name - go figure). The bar he suggested we meet at was packed. When I went in there was a table by the door. I asked what the occasion was, and it was a fundraiser for the mayor's re-election campaign! Ah. That explained why I was the only black person there. I am not in his core demographic. We did, however, stay long enough to take advantage of the open bar before going to dinner.

In other news, I had a check up with the surgeon today. The stitches were removed (which actually kind of hurt!) Healing seems to be coming along nicely, but I still need to be on the crutches without bearing any weight on the foot for another two weeks (drag). After that, I'll begin physical therapy and will hopefully get off the crutches soon after. I have to admit, though: I love what the crutches are doing for my arms. They're becoming pretty defined and less jiggly. Gotta love that.

That is just scandalous!

Anyway, glad all is healing well. When do we get a photo of you, your corset, and your buff arms?

I don't know why it's such a big deal to find out that a politician can be or act like a two-timing whore... (and yes, even our young charismatic mayor Gavin Newsom is a politician, most people tend to forget that, just because he looks like the cover of GQ)

On the sexual conduct (or lack thereof), personally, I really don't care where he, Clinton, or anybody else for that matter, stick their ahem... (yeah, that part of their anatomy, I'm trying to stay polite in case children fall upon that post one of these days, you never know) but anyway, you know what I mean.

The way I feel, and I feel pretty strongly about that, is that if someone feels like sticking their ... into another consenting adult, why should I care?

On the other hand, Gavin, if you ever read this blogpost, some of us are still waiting for their FREE WI-FI, so if you could pull up your pants and check on that, too, that'd really be great, thanks a lot dude.

As my old daddy used to say "A stiff dick has no conscience!" Truer words were never spoken! I suspect Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy (as well as lots of Republicans!) would strongly agree! There is a time to whip it out and a time to keep it zipped and this was definitely the latter in my most humble and ancient opinion! Cheers!

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