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Monday, March 26, 2007 


I've been remiss in updating this thing, especially considering that I've actually done some fun "blog worthy" things.

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to hang out with one of my favorite bloggers, Neil of Citizen of the Month. He and his wife/muse Sophia were passing through San Francisco on their way back to LA after having taken a drive to Portland. We were joined for brunch by the fabulous
Empress Dagny. It was so cool to meet them all in "real life." Originally we'd planned to eat at Lime (and partake in their All-You-Can-Drink mimosas for $4) but when we got there, the wait to get in was out of control. So, we came back to my neighborhood, and ate at Last Supper Club. Good food, good drink (I had a roasted tomato bloody mary), and fun company. After brunch, we picked up my kid and we took a mini-tour around San Francisco, seeing the murals in the Mission, the yuppie parents in Noe Valley, and the view from Twin Peaks.

The following weekend I spent hobbling around (I'm down to ONE crutch!) with Tomate Farcie. We did a little shopping at Chamalyn, then enjoyed a few frozen margaritas together. Later, I attended games night at a friend's home in Oakland. Why-oh-why am I so competitive? Seriously - Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit almost sent me over the edge! It was fun as always, though.

This past weekend was spent in Seattle. My brother, sister and I attempted to surprise my mom with a birthday party. She wasn't surprised, but it was a great party nonetheless. What the hell is the deal with people who show up without RSVPing though? I was ready to strangle a bunch of people that were there unexpectedly. It's not curiostiy, people. We actually have to plan (and pay for) food... ARGH!

Other than that frustration, I had a great time. Usually I stay with my mom, but obviously couldn't this time. Inspired by the fantastic deal Neil and Sophia got from Priceline (name your own price, yo!) I booked a room for two nights at the Renaissance in downtown Seattle. It was faaanncy.

Friday night (our second night there) my friend K came to hang out. After dinner, we took the kid back to the room and headed to the hotel bar. That's where I met H, the adorable English bartender. I flirted outrageously with this young man who is 12 years my junior. We got some free drinks out of the deal. After last call I went to move my car out of the carpool only parking (don't worrry - I'd only had one and a half drinks all night.) When I got back to the elevators to go up to my room, H was coming out of one of the elevators. He asked me to give him a ride home. I did. And then I went back to my room. Yeah, that was it, basically. Nothing happened. Sigh. If I weren't such a lazy typist, I'd go into more detail, but really there's nothing to tell. He's super-cute though! If you're ever in that hotel in Seattle, tell him I said "Hi."

And it was a delight meeting you! You are definitely buzz...worthy.

sounds like you have a thing for accents as much as i do. i always knew i would end up with someone who had one. of course i was hoping for scottish or british or irish, not canadian. :(

glad you've been having a good spring lately.

I am with Neil. Definitely a pleasure to meet you. And hopefully we can meet up again in the coming week.

I am disappointed to see that nothing came of H. And 12 years younger is the perfect age. Well, that's what I'm starting to think.

Sounds like some good socializing lately! I think I could use some of that. I too often have the tendency to just exist in my own little world. Then it dawns on me that I haven't gone out for a drink in forever and I make up for lost time! :)

Uhhhhh ohhh, Wilson!!! I was a Stadium Tiger myself.

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