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Saturday, April 21, 2007 

"I need to get my drink on"

ROFL! I love her.

Hi Buzzgirl,

Just returning the compliment (you said Hi to me on the Paris photo blog thing and I was touched someone remembered me! My own blog's back in action with a kinda photo-focus going down but it's still me!

Anyway, hope you're doing fine and I like your breezy laid-back blog.



I have to keep coming back here..this makes me laugh sooo hard!! I have watched it on your site over and over...and even showed my 13 year old...its hilarious!
ps. i think you, me , thomas and b'real..should go see pam in france at her bed and breakfast..can you tell i'm in a dreamin sort of mood??
insomnia..gotta love it

I dont know if that was funny, or over the line...

I am SO glad I clicked on your link via Dagny's blog! Now I have to go share this video with a gazillion people!!


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