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Saturday, May 19, 2007 

Holy Shit

There's been some crazy - CArazy shit going on. I haven't told anyone the whole story, only bits and pieces...

My kid and I went out with my friend (yeah, the ex-boyfriend) on Friday night. We went to a bookstore, a cafe, and an art opening at the Mission Cultural Center where we got to silkscreen posters, which was a lot of fun. On the walk there I was wearing baggy sweatpants which I love, but they were really baggy (and probably not ideal gallery wear). We stopped in at one of the myriad clothing stores on Mission St. so I could buy some cheap jeans. I looked around and honestly, I don't know what made me even think I could fit into the size I grabbed, but they were only $3.99, so I thought, "WTF?" I tried them on, and they fit. I couldn't believe it. This time last year I wore a size 16. Apparently, I am now a size 10. This was verified today by some more shopping. I tried stuff on buy didn't buy anything. I'm stunned. I haven't consciously done anything to change my eating habits. Additionally, I can't exercise with my achilles tendon AND I started taking birth control pills last September - which are notorious for making folks gain weight. I've been under a lot (and I mean a freaking lot) of stress lately. I'm sure that has something to do with it. Of course, my first thought is that I must have some disease... of course if I do, I'm kind of happy about these symptoms. Is that wrong?

woooohoooo! for a size ten. Thats awesome. Maybe your metabolism has shifted or you are sneaking in way more great habits than you realize...

You have just confirmed my sneaking suspicion that the reason I'm fat as hell is because I'm too damn happy.

Congrats on the new size. Now we know what you have been doing in your absence. ;-)

Congratulations! This time last year I was a size 22 - now I'm thrilled to be a 16! A 10 is not in my future, I'm fairly certain!

That time my Mom died and I got the flu was the best diet I ever had.

From "The Devil Wears Prada" - "I'm two stomach flu's away from my ideal weight."

Sometimes it just happens.

Wow, will we recognize you?!

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