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Friday, May 25, 2007 

I know I've asked before...

...but I'm asking again.

It should be mentioned that I am not a religious person. At all. I was made to go to church and Sunday school every week until I was 14 and given the option to opt out - which I did. I attended Lutheran school for three years, and even ended up going to a Christian university. I had an interest in and attraction to Judaism for a long time and took an "Introduction to Judaism" class. Intrigued, I took more classes, and at this point, I'm basically, a mikvah away from being a Reform Jew. I just never followed through.

All of this is to say that if any of your are the praying kind, I need your prayers now. I hate having to be so cryptic, but I can't go into detail. Suffice it to say that I will be going to court on Tuesday, and if things go poorly, it will be catastrophic for my daughter and me. Really.

If you're not a pray-er, then please just think good thoughts for me.

I'm pretty desperate right now (can you tell?) How desperate? Well, I bought some candles, incense and oil at Botanica Yoruba. Yeah, it's that serious...

Before anyone asks ('cause that's just the way my blogging buddies are!), no: there's nothing any of you can do for me at this point beyond the praying/thoughts thing. Also, keep me in mind if you find any lucky pennies or see any shooting stars. I'll take whatever I can get at this point. Seriously.

Thank you all!!

I will try to schedule in some incense burning between all of my animal care this weekend. If I had known there was stuff going down in your life, I would have made a special incense blend.

Thank you... that means a lot.

incense makes me sneeze, but prayer i can do! my good, happy thoughts will be with you on tuesday as well. and if you guys need to escape, we totally have a spare room available...

Sophia and I will pray for you!

Thank you Cara, Sophia and Neil.

will send goood thoughts your way!

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