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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Thank you

Thanks to all of you who thought of me and/or prayed for me today. It worked! For now. Believe it or not, I have to go back to court on June 22nd... and even that won't be the end.

Thanks again.

Glad to hear that today went OK at least. Here's to hoping that the 22nd is just as good, if not better.

Movie this weekend?

i'm so sorry...i have had very limited internet access lately, so i am just now reading your request for prayers/good thoughts. you have all of mine. i know you said there is nothing any of us can do. so i am wishing you the very best. you are a strong woman and i know you can endure this and so much more.

Yes, good to hear the news.

I prayed that you would win the lottery.

You owe me like 15 million USD.

All kidding aside. I hope all gets a bit better soon.


whew. glad to hear everything went well, even if the battle continues. keep yer chin up, as my gram used to tell me all the time.

Thank you, everyone. Sincerely.

Even though we aren't going through the same thing, I feel as if we were going through something similar. My thoughts are with you as I plow away through this very "interesting" time.

Hope everything's going well for you. I've still got my fingers crossed.

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