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Sunday, July 29, 2007 


Cripes, look at all those freaking candles. So, so old.

Happy belated birthday!!!

Hey Madame La fille qui fait du bruit. You look fabulously beautiful on this photo.

I don't know what age you are exactly but it does NOT show LOL.

Sorry, I'm a bit late in wishing you a happy birthday but 1) you did not make as much noise as a certain Monica ;) 2) I'm out of town at the moment and have limited access to the net (OK, not that limited, but still I'm with people I have to socialize dammit!)

Lots of love from Paris (well from Oslo right now, but normaly it would be Paris ;).

Happy birthday Buzzgirl. I left you a small gift on Eric's blog that I think you will appreciate. I agree with Eric, you look fab in this photo!

Great photo!

Is that you? Holy shit you're gorgeous! Happy sweet 16 (with a few years experience!) from a fellow lion.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Happy belated Birthday!!! You look fabulous!

Happy belated birthday -- you look totally amazing.... congrats on looking so fierce!!!! Glad to see you back around the blogsphere...

Looking good at 16.

Brookville Daily Photo

*sniffling* Happy Birthday! I miss you! Hell.....everybody does!


I am so sorry you aren't going to be blogging anymore. I just found your blog so apparently I am late to the party!You blog looks very interesting.

Je vous souhaite la bonne chance!

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