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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 


I possess a demeanor that I refer to as Bitchface. It's not something that I actively or even consciously cultivated, but I guess it's there because I just don't look jolly walking through the city.

When walking alone down the street, I am often accosted by men unknown to me trying to cajole me into grinning for some reason. It's happened since I was young. I'll be minding my own business, trying to get where I'm going and some asshat will say something like "Ooh, girl you should smile!" or just "Smile."

I admit that I used to just smile and be on my way. Even relatively recently, no matter how I felt, I'd comply with the demand to smile. What the hell was that about? Why do random people feel they have the right to: a) talk to me; and b) demand something like a change of emotion for their benefit? It's bizarre. And rude. And it happens all the time. I guess the more important question is why did go ahead and smile at them?

The other morning, I was walking to BART, and some drunk guy, literally lying on the sidewalk, looked up at me and said "Smile, baby." I didn't. Instead, I stopped and said "Who the fuck are you? You don't know me. Why should I smile for you, asshole?" He just looked at me and mumbled "Whatever." So, I turned and continued walking. And as I walked away, I noticed I was smiling.

That made me smile too. Har.

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