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Monday, September 13, 2010 


Well, not really. But almost.

After I went to the Academy of Sciences for the free day on Sunday, I was supposed to meet up with this guy I used to...um, well, I guess date isn't exactly the right word...you know. It was a proximity thing: he lives near Golden Gate Park.

This person is not good for me. I stopped talking/emailing/texting/communicating with him last October, but like a chronic illness, he keeps coming back.

As luck would have it, when he was supposed to pick me up, he couldn't because he was still working, and by the time he got home I was already back at my place in pajamas watching Poirot on PBS. We went back and forth about his coming to pick me up, etc., but in the end (which is a pun for this guy - in which case I should say in HIS end!) it didn't work out, which I think is for the best.

It may have just been a case of my "not having had sex in a year panic" getting to me, and honestly, this guy was not the way to go. He sent me all these emails saying how great we were together in the past, and all I could think while I was reading them was "Yeah, maybe for you."

Who knows? Maybe things will work out with backseat guy. Maybe not. There's always BOB!!

I can send you batteries.

LOL!! Thanks for the offer, mais j'en ai assez des piles. I anticipate a motor dying out from overuse as the main concern!

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