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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 

A Chat with BB

Last night I was online chatting with Tomate Farcie when Backseat Boy popped in with a chat. I was going to edit his name (Meir) but decided not to since it's not his real name anyway. I swear this is all true - my commentary in bold:

9:35 PM meir: hi there
do u hear me?
me: no, i don't hear you
meir: good....I was worried that everybody on Gmail hears me now
9:36 PM me: nope. not today.
I was just talking about you.
meir: with?
9:37 PM me: i'm also chatting with a friend of mine
meir: what did u say?
9:38 PM me: i didn't say anything bad! actually, i'm just a little confused. what are we doing?
meir: what am I doing now?
9:39 PM me: lol. no. what are you and i doing...in general. i'm not sure.
9:40 PM meir: well,
it started sex neto
but I enjoined spending time with you
9:41 PM we ended up eating humus....[since we met, he's complained that he can't find good hummus in the US]
me: right, but we didn't have sex...so i'm confused. i like spending time with you, too.
meir: Well, I am NOT looking for a girlfriend
that's the problem
9:42 PM me: why is that a problem? i don't have to be your girlfriend.
9:43 PM meir: well, this is how you call it when you spend time together + have sex with someone
so I kind of don't know what to do
I spend time with people I enjoy spending time with
me: so, we either spend time together and don't have sex, or we have sex and don't spend time together?
meir: I have sex with people I want to have sex with
I am really not looking for the combination
9:44 PM I don't know
it's dumb I know
9:45 PM me: So...I still don't know what that means for me. (Yeah, it IS dumb, but whatever)
9:47 PM meir: listen, it's complicated. I'm with someone in Israel. I just spend most of my time here. I love her.
me: I understand.
9:49 PM meir: from some reason I am OK with having sex with other women. But I don't want to have a girlfriend and emotionaly I am not avilable [my eyes were beginning to roll at this point]
9:50 PM me: So, what are you saying to me?
meir: I don't know
9:51 PM I don't want to hear you
you are a great person, fun to be with and all
I don't want to be part of the problem
9:52 PM and I'm worried that you will get emotionally involved and be hurt
9:53 PM me: Well, I might. Or I might not. Either way, I'm an adult and can make that choice for myself. I don't need you to make it for me.
9:54 PM meir: If you remember we had a similar conversation when we met first and in teh emails we exchanged after
I guess it's the combination of finding you fun and attractive that worries me
9:55 PM me: Right. I do remember.
So, are you worried about me, or about yourself? [Right? Does it sound like he likes me more than he wants to? That's what I got]
9:56 PM meir: If you were just an idiot that I don't enjoy talking to or eating humus with then it would have been a lot easier for me - sex and that's it. or if you where a man....
me: It would be easier for you to have sex with me if I were a man?
meir: :-)
9:57 PM no - but it would have been easier or me to eat humus with you and not want to kiss you or have sex with you...
or port steak
9:58 PM pork
me: Are you saying you don't want to see me again?
9:59 PM meir: want - I do want believe me.
but I'm worried that I will hurt you
and I really really don't want to be a bad memory for you
you are too nice of a person
10:01 PM me: Oh for fuck's sake. I do like you. I like kissing you, holding hands with you. WTF? You really don't need to worry about me. I am a grown up.
10:02 PM meir: I know. But I do
10:04 PM me: Well, stop it.
10:06 PM meir: you told me you didn't had a great time and you asked if I'm around to cheer you up a little. I was so happy, I felt great about taking you out to sushi, to a bar, etc. I didn't want to have sex with you. I enjoined spending time with you, I wanted you to have a good time, but I was worried that you will get the wrong message,....[ Yeah. I obvs misinterpreted when he leaned over to kiss me the first time and all the making out - my bad]
10:07 PM BTW - to make it clear, I very much wanted to have sex with you physicality, you are very attractive
10:11 PM I wanna fuck you. Believe me that's going to be too easy for you to get
me: Well...?
10:12 PM meir: well what?
10:13 PM next time we meet, we will fuck the hell out of each other...
forget about it
I was going to ask about english grammer
me: What?!
10:14 PM meir: dumb thing
you know me already
me: Ask me anything. I LOVE grammar (it's true)
meir: something about how to say to someone that I want to fuck her with out making it sound so aggressive.....
10:15 PM I guess you can say fuck with you instead fuck you - right?
me: Well, no. "Fuck with you" means to kind of mess with someone's head. Like now...you're kind of fucking with me.
meir: right

Oh. My. God. Really, Buzzgirl? I swear that I should not be allowed to pick my own dates. EVER.

He wants to go out again tomorrow. What do you think I said?

Sucker! You said yes didn't you! Hon, I don't know what to say. Dating, for the sake of dating and all that free food and those sexy gropes and stuff is fun. But I am jaded, and shouldn't be allowed to give advice to a dead toad.

What do you want? Any chance of getting that here? Let that be your guide.

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