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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 

He's Back

Backseat Boy (I should probably come up with a better alias than that) has returned from his trip. He emailed me right when he got back about our plans for this weekend.

I'm pretty excited about this guy, which is worrisome. I don't really even know him that well. I have a tendency to jump right into things - a lesson I should have learned from by now, but apparently not. I'm not sure if it stems from desperation or what. No one likes to think of themselves as desperate, but here we are, just on the brink of date number three and I'm already mythologizing this guy. Every time I've ridden my bike past the place where we parked, I can't help but get wistful. I rode by the bar we made out in and thought to myself "Awwww." It's stupid, and setting myself up for the inevitable disappointment he will turn out to be.

Fucking accents. They draw me in every time (Hi Scottie! Hi Christophe!).

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