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Thursday, September 30, 2010 

Well, yes. As Doc called it in the comments of the last post, I did agree to see Meir again - but it didn't happen (by the way, I leave all the typos unedited because I'm lazy):

5:38 PM meir: hi there
r u there?
me: hey
5:39 PM meir: Babe, I have bad news (at list bad for me), I'm stuck at work and I don't see how I get out of this place anytime before midnight. I need to fly tomorrow to Seattle and I got nothing ready.
me: NOW you're making me sad. that sucks. oh well.
meir: I know....
It dose suck
5:41 PM I was looking forward to it, but I just have so much shit to do here, I don't know how the hell I will even be ready by tomorrow
5:42 PM me: I understand.
meir: I'm sorry
just a sec

(21 minutes go by and he hasn't returned)

6:05 PM me: Well, I guess I'll see you some other time. Maybe. Take care.

The end. I haven't heard from him since.

From Doc's comment: "What do you want? Any chance of getting that here? Let that be your guide."

Good question. What do I want? Well, I was really enjoying just hanging out with him, laughing, talking, kissing, holding hands...all that stuff. I guess I want someone (who is available) to do those things with. And, no - there probably is not any chance of my getting that with this guy, but since he showed interest, I jumped on it. Fuuuuucckkkkk. So depressing.

I suppose I'm just looking for a distraction from my current disaster of a life, when really, I have a ton of shit I need to be dealing with.

And he's not even around to distract me anymore. Figures.

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